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ZZP TURBO- updates?

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Can anybody who has installed this setup give us your thoughts/feedback?

I'm thinking this is my best bang for the buck due to not having to purchase a $2000 exhaust system and would be happy with just 5-6 lbs of boost- especially having only 1 rear wheel (plus I'm just looking to making 4/5 gear more usable in passing)
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Those guys are doing great work from what I am seeing online. Oddly I haven't heard any customer feedback, but their numbers in the half mile shoot outs are impressive.
Yeah, but to start with they put in upgraded injectiors and have a different cooling set-up as well it's set up for 1/2 mile run.
I would like real life feedback from a daily user or even weekend warrior.
Guess you're not going to get an answer to your question
Probably not (too premature). Not until enough people have got them installed and put some drive time in.
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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