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ZZP TURBO- updates?

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Can anybody who has installed this setup give us your thoughts/feedback?

I'm thinking this is my best bang for the buck due to not having to purchase a $2000 exhaust system and would be happy with just 5-6 lbs of boost- especially having only 1 rear wheel (plus I'm just looking to making 4/5 gear more usable in passing)
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I have a ZZ Performance Turbo with over 1000 happy miles since completion (about a Month). I did have KYLE at ZZP install the kit due to my busy work schedule. The SS preforms great and gas mileage has not changed unless I am on boost 6.5 #'s. KYLE is a great source of Knowledge and was very honest. I would recommend this set up to anyone who wants a bit more performance.
I was interested in the stage two but concerned about loss of gas mileage. Have you seen a drastic decrease in mileage? I travel quite a bit with mine
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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