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Slingshot as a dual purpose "Snow Machine." I s it a worthwhile project????

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Winter Fun with New Wycked Snow Trax! Chime on in!

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Had to do it. Damn tired of spinning the back wheel in the snow just to get out of the driveway! Thanks nephew Brauc for the inspiration for this project. Need to figure out the front hub adapter for the ski's now!
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I love the dream, but can't see this working with 2 tracks on the back.

Why not just run a 325-345 studded paddle tire and a homemade ski setup up front?

Following for entertainment. :)
Genius or Insanity? Absolutely!!!
There goes the warranty
Snow Trax! What Snow Trax????:banghead::bag:
I still want to build this completely impractical "Snowshot"!
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