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My brother and I just went on Friday, the 12th of Dec. and placed our deposits for 2 of the SS-SL, Ron from Woodstock said we can expect them this month actually. So we are excited to see these actually come to life. We did not test drive them, but based on this forum and reviews, WE CAN'T WAIT!

I would like to see if we can set up a meet in early spring to build a community around these.

I am all about customizing and building peak performance and comfort luxuries. Here are some of my ideas

Windscreens-to help keep that insides noise down and be able to drive this to business meetings without having to wear a hat.

Tech Gadgets-iPhone 6 mount and integrations, Bluetooth headphones that eliminate wind noise and provide great audio feedback for calls while driving.

Customizing-Wrap vs PlastiDip. I am all about uniqueness and creative. So I want to see what we can do to these things.

Performance-Build a community of aftermarket parts, Intake, Exhaust, Tune, Tires etc...

RoadTrips-Get on the road and let's plan some long distance events.

Just some ideas....look forward to being part of the team.
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