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Rumor has it, and I'm not saying any of this is true, Squirrel was heading from Chicago, IL toward Milwaukee, WI today at around 85 MPH when a blue Slingshot with white stripes comes weaving through traffic, seemingly to pass her red SL. Two guys were in it and went whizzing by her--and she was having none of it.

Squirrel put some gas on that fire and went through traffic herself, as squirrels tend to do, flying by two very surprised gentlemen, one with their mouth hanging wide open, apparently. (And really, how many women are going to kick 'er and pass a couple of guys...)

I'm not saying this was safe, and I'm not suggesting anyone do this, but apparently the two Slingshots started dogfighting down the freeway at around 120 MPH.

Squirrel's Slingshot has a lot under the hood, and I'm guessing the blue one did also, since they apparently scorched around 20 miles of asphalt thinking they were in the movie Top Gun.

Eventually one of them broke off and went for ice cream, and since it was something like 93°F out that seems plausible.

Again, I wasn't there and I don't know any of this to be factual. Hopefully everyone involved stayed somewhat safe and at minimum didn't endanger others.
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