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Here's an old post from another forum , some guys have asked about ,

well I promised bkl and a few others two days ago that I,d send pics of the new pneumatic wheel lifts were offering as soon as I got my demosling with my new body kits loaded up on the lift and headed out for Daytona Sunday eve .Well you can see from the pics we got an inch or two of wet snow that aft so loading on a skating rink was fun , but what I didn't expect was the 45 minute snow squall I drove into on my way from London Ontario to Detroit. Well that was fun too, first long distance haul on our new lifts in a friģgin blizzard. Anyway to make a long story short I got across border drove most of the night and stopped in Knoxville area Monday morning washed off a ton of slush salt and sand grime and took these few pics I had promised. Will get them loaded on my new site slingshotbodykits.com tomorrow morning before I finish last three hundred miles to bike week ! All on all it tows great ,straight as an arrow at 70 mph for 1000 miles so far. The first pic is of it just hanging on hitch with air bag deflated.it sits about 9 inches off ground with no weight on it. but next photos shows as soon as you back up to it tire immediately pushes it right down to ground as bag compresses to mechanical stop and truck suspension squats down with load. Next you simply give it a little roll back on clutch and it'll drop right into the cradle on lift. Well this is a hell of a lot easier on dry pavement then it was on that skating rink Sunday aft. lol but I managed to still load it myself. The yellow strap, although rated to hold the load of the sling doesn't really have to at all as the rear end is heavy enough to hold it in cradle while accelerating normally, the strap really just holds it down from trying to jump up out of cradle, say you were to hit rough railroad tracks or something while aggressively accelerating. Once its in cradle you merely hit the bag with about 5 seconds of air and it immediately goes up to about 50 psi as the volume of air required is so little. Lifting the forks up past horizontal to tilling up a bit and you stop the air right there. At about 80 lbs it will top out the bag at the mechanical stops to prevent over inflating it, but its so rock hard then it provides no suspension so your best to stop at about 50 and the bag then provides additional suspension as you haul over rough roads. You don't want the rear tire anymore them about four inches off the ground as anymore will start to lower your front spoiler .there's no worries regarding the rear tire bouncing over potholes and scuffing the asphalt because at 50 lbs this is almost impossible to do but if it did, the skid plates on the bottom of the lift contact the asphalt not your rubber lol no worries there. Just safety chain through rim and away you go. As I get into Daytona tomorrow ill get better photos when I get a chance to catch my breath !
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