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We have been thinking about the best way to explain what we do here and the vehicles we get to build. Now of course not too many people will ever go this far but showing where we get our ideas and a lot of R&D from.

This Gen 5 Camaro makes about 3500rwhp and has the best of what money can buy. We traveled to the 405 Oklahoma this past weekend and will be heading back to finish the exhaust soon. We built this dual 3.5" aluminum Y-Pipe to a single 5" pipe with a bulk head we fabricated running to the water to air intercooler in the passenger seat compartment. This car has a catch can with baffling and a filter breather releasing to atmosphere, just like our design.

The reason for this post is weather you have a stock SS or a fully modified and boosted one, a catch can with atmosphere filter breather is what everyone runs outside this forums. We are not here saying its the only option or the best, its just what we know and have done for over 25 years. Again at the end of the day a catch can is a great addition for not pulling oil from the motor and letting it puddle in the intake manifold and contaminate the cylinder head, slowing air flow and robbing horsepower. Here are some pictures of a SS with 7800 miles of inside the intake manifold. As you can tell stock or modified, that is not good. Also a few Rist Rocket Racing Catch Can pictures with some hose and filter color options.

BTW, the shop that we are working at to help build the Camaro is where that famous truck gets built too... :D


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