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What do you prefer, Turbo or Supercharger?

What do you prefer, turbo or supercharger?

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I have a new 2017 SS base, which I am starting to customize. With all the kits out there now, I thought there would be more talk in this area here. I could not find any threads on this discussion so figured I'd start a poll and get your opinions on what you think is better.
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You have to understand how they differ to understand why you might feel one is better than the other for your needs.

A supercharger runs off the motor so it is parasitic drag. You are using horsepower to make horsepower.

A turbocharger runs off the exhaust so it's free horsepower.

That right there is why I am such a proponent of turbos. Nothing beats free power.

With a smaller turbo like the Alpha Precision turbo, turbo lag is almost non-existent. The bigger the turbo, the greater the lag on building boost.

Obviously my turbo bias is apparent by the above but it depends on what you want. A supercharger is unquestionably easier to install if you are not mechanically inclined. Here in Colorado turbo's rule because of our thin air - at 13K feet in the mountains you don't want anything adding drag on your motor. You'd be amazed at how much the thin air taxes a motor.

The bottom line is neither is safer for a stock motor if you over-boost (either by changing pulleys on the SC or increasing the spring rate on a TC).

Take into account what you can afford and how your mechanical skills are and go from there. A good, complete turbo outfit like the Alpha includes everything including the intercooler. It also has the CAI put in the optimal area for cold air flow. Some of the lesser kits do not include an intercooler and the air intake sits right off the turbo. Nice and hot air there (something I do not like about the Hahn).
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....Without getting into the technical side of the issue, since that is not my area of expertise, I thought I would provide my observation of the economic and mass production side. Last year I bought a new car, a 2017 Ford Mustang. It has a smaller engine than my Slingshot - 2.3 liters.
It is turbocharged from the factory and provides 310 hp, using premium gas....
My GF has a 2015 Ford Edge Sport with the 2.7L twin turbo Eco-Boost V-6 and I can tell you that thing flat shits and gets. 315 HP and 350 lbs ft torque. I have smoked more than one wanna boy racer/ricer and love to see the shame in their eyes when they realize they got smoked by an all wheel drive small SUV type vehicle. It's funny.
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