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Painted Valve Cover & Twist Dynamics Coil Pack Cover, Installed DDW Silicone hose kit. Instructions said 1+ hr - took me 4. Almost 2 of that was trying to get the bottom return hoses to fit. They were too short in the kit and I had to move the piping that is under the engine.

(Having problems posting pics - I'll try again later.)

Edit: Got pics to work.


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that’s pretty awesome!!! where did you get it? is the install pretty easy? how does it look when the SS is moving?
It was all pretty simple, hardest part was getting all the cables into protective wire looms. Running the back cable required getting the sling up on jack stands. Some of the instructions for adding the brake switch were fuzzy, but they were very nice on the phone and cleared it up no problem.
I don't know what they look like moving, I'm in it. But I sure get a lot of heads turning.
They have a few videos you can watch.

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Took off all emblems painted the front and reinstalled left the rear ones off. Also painted the front grill and belt cover flat black with a matte clear same as the emblem took all the orange off the rest just left the inside and gas cap orange.


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Looking great ! @Br4hm4. Your knocking your sling and the event out of the park this year! Bet everyone had a blast at SSITR wish I could have made it again this year . But the years a long way from over yet . See you around.

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Looking great ! @Br4hm4. Your knocking your sling and the event out of the park this year! Bet everyone had a blast at SSITR wish I could have made it again this year . But the years a long way from over yet . See you around.

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Wow @harleyujoe that will be impressive, can,t wait to see it all done , though I,m not sure what defines being done, I know I haven't found it yet lol

I'm huge in Japan...
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Looking great ! @Br4hm4. Your knocking your sling and the event out of the park this year! Bet everyone had a blast at SSITR wish I could have made it again this year . But the years a long way from over yet . See you around.
It was a bit smaller than last year...but wow! The turn out was fantastic. The rides were great and the people were awesome...met some new friends and...Next year could be interesting!

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Installed this morning, under the dash on the right to keep it out of the rain and used a couple of adhesive cable clips and the included zip tie to make sure the cable was out of the way and looking good.


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Does it solve the problem of the engine trying to die when you downshift to a stop?
No it does not. The best solution for that is to get a custom tune on your ECU and request the idle be set at 1100K. Then when it under revs it will stay at 750K RPM and not shudder and try to stall. Fixed my problem and I should have done it sooner.

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Got a nice delivery from slingmods. Thermal R&D rear exit dual exhaust with red tips, assault industries stealth shift knob, and the carbon fiber third brake light overlay. Got them all installed 👌


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