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Wanna ride

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I'm 55yrs female... Hard a crazy past would love to have a slingshot.. But do to tendinitis in both arms love to get a automatic transmission.. Can anyone help love to get on road to relieve stress free an open...
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There are a few guys doing after market auto trans...probably talking near $6,000.00....

With the tendinitis --- can't do a 5 speed manual trans.... Generally don't have to go up and down the gears as much as some of us do.

Good luck with your quest.
@Wanna ride where are you located? Post that info and see if someone in your area would put you in the drivers seat for a little time. I'm in Northern Indiana and have sold lots of Slingshots (NO I'm not a dealer) by let people drive mine.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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