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well, this was the logical next step, preparing what is to come with installing the Haltech Elite 1500 and getting a proper intake manifold made to replace the shitty plastic manifold that has a hard time holding 15 psi of boost...

Running at 18 psi right now, and I am starting to see the end of the oem fuel pump.

Now issue with replacing said pump is that the SS uses a returnless system which uses a tank internal fixed fuel pressure regulator.

The road to proper fuel pressure on the SS is long and took some reasearch to get done, but I have finally finished it:

First, we need to get a fuel line to come back from the engine bay to regulate fuel properly:

Now with our return line set, we can get about installing a proper fuel regulator:

Yes it clears the hood (before anyone asks).

So now we have full control of up to 320lph of fuel vs the 70 lph oem pump.

A couple of shots of the installation:

Here is the new fuel pump getting installed in the tank assembly:

There is a couple of secrets to getting this done that I will keep to myself for now, I want to make sure it holds and works well.

Next step is setting up the Elite 1500 Ecu, we get electronic boost control by gear etc.

Thanks to @Sling Street for the help on this.
Also thanks to @Shot for taking a lot of time explaining to me what the Haltech ECU could do and what doors it would open for my setup, of which this is the 1st step.

I recommend both these guys for your tuning projects, they have tons of knowledge and don't count their time.
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