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I hope this post puts the search for the correct universal, u-joint, propeller shaft universal to rest.

Mine: 2016.5, not welded in. Welded in info to follow.

I have measured all of the dimensions in both SAE and metric:

Cap width: 1.065 in / 27.05 mm
Cap height: 0.578 in / 14.68 mm
Body width with caps on: 3.22 in / 81.79 mm
Propeller shaft holes: 1.067 in / 27.101 mm
Angle drive mount: 3.22 in / 81.86 mm

With these measurement I found many u-joints (pretty common in fact. Here are some manufactures, part numbers, application, and type of lubing (if any).
B= body lube
C= cap lube
N= no lube

220-0047 (B)
210-0153 (B)
212-0153 (B)
210-0278 (B)

215-0153 (B) Performance
215-0278 (B) Performance

SPICER (Dana):
5-153X (C)
5-3613X (N)
5-1310-X (N)
5-1310-1X (B or C)

Master Pro:
369 (B)
269 (N)
280 (B)
379 (B)
380 (C)

I choose the Master Pro 380 for two reasons: 1. Heavy duty (weight was as if not the heaviest). 2. Cap lube - was tired of fighting to get a lube needle into the body lube style.

The prices ranged from <$10 to >$48

As for the welded in type, not saying it will always work, on a 2018 we successfully machined out the old u-joint and install a GMB 215-0278. I wasn't easy but the cost for the machining was estimated at $300, (friend did it as an experiment). Suggestion: if you do decide to change over to a removable find a machine shop with a five axis.

NOTE: Thread not monitored or additional comments provided. These are from my experience, your experience and/or results may be different.

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