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Train Horns?

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Thankfully, I don't have to use my Slingshot's stock horn very often. When I do, it's been adequate. But then I can't help but wonder if it might be fun to install something with a little more, well, umph. This rig might be a bit much, but... (Yes, I'm teasing. I'd never do something like that to my ears on purpose. As a musician, I'm more careful with them than most.)

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I have a screaming banshee horn that I want to install on the Sling.
Cotten I just noticed your avatar is a fretboard...
Yup, it's the cotton bole inlay on my 1995 "Cotten" 612c Taylor guitar, one that I call my own signature model. Unfortunately, Bob Taylor had never heard of me back then, but that doesn't stop me. In 1995, Taylor was considering phasing out the 612 model. Yet it was one of the favorites of Richard Cotten, the late owner of Cotten Music in Nashville. He convinced Kurt and Bob to build about 62 copies of a special "Cotten" Taylor 612c with his own specifications:
  • a specially modified standard inlay to make it look like a cotton bole inlay,
  • a more highly figured flamed maple back and sides than usual,
  • and the sharp Florentine cutaway.
It was a fingerstyle dream! When Richard died of leukemia soon thereafter, Taylor donated part of the proceeds to fund leukemia research.

I had wanted one of these, "my own" Signature Series, ever since I first heard of them. They didn't show up for sale very often, and their owners tended to prize them highly. I had asked a couple of fellow members of the then-Taylor Guitar Forum about them, and they were as enthusiastic about their Cottens as I knew I would be.

In July of 2003, Kim Sherman of Cotten Music in Nashville and Darcy Cotten, Richard's widow, helped me obtain one of these special guitars in pristine condition. It had been used a few times in recording sessions, but I couldn't tell it from one that was brand new. It was strictly acoustic, and though I've considered adding a non-invasive pickup, I haven't done it yet. (I like the K&K Pure Mini on my McKnight.) So far, it's only been played through a mic, and it has a wonderful tone - clean and clear, round and full, with enough bass to be heard but not over balanced.

Cotten finally got his Cotten, and for the past eight years it has often been found in my lap while I mess around with online computer stuff. Don't you wish you had your own signature model Taylor?
I'm not sure if you can get this pickup non invasively, but the Fishman rare earth is magnificent. I remember a coworker installing it on some (unknown to me) guitar made in the 30s. As old as the guitar was; it had a very unique tone to it and the Fishman captured it perfectly. I have a Takamine acoustic (forget the model) and have it in that. I like to refer to that guitar as my budget Martin.
Nowadays I mostly play synths, but have a moderately decent guitar setup (a few electrics and a bass) with a fairly substantial collection of guitar pedals.
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