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Todays mod - and probably my last performance mod of any consequence

install new Twist Dynamics solid sway bar

after talking with Daniel Isabelle from at Twist I decided the easiest way to tackle this job and get the radiator shroud out of the way would be to pull the entire front

this is the before shot

to get the front out of the way you only have to remove 4 bolts on both sides 2 - 8mms and 2 - 13mms

once the bumper is removed getting to and removing the 6 push pins that hold the lower part of the shroud is a piece of cake and there is no need to remove the top part of the shroud

and once that is out of the way it is just a matter of unbolting the end links and the sway bar mounts and by turning the wheels all to the way to the left and turning the sway bar with the holes up you can slide the old sway bar right out and the new one right back in

here you can see the difference between the stock bar and the new solid bar. The stock bar only weighs about 5 or 6 pounds and is 1/8 inch wall tubing you can see how thin it is where it is smashed flat for the end link mount compared to the new bar which weighs about 25 pounds or more

the new sway bar required longer bolts which were provided with the new sway bar and are actually a step up in grade from the stock grade 8.8 to grade 10.9

so there you have it - my todays mod - and like I said probably the last mod you will see me do that I would classify as a major mod or a performance mod - - next things will be things like a flag mount, some stick on mirrors and other such things
on a side note it turned out to be a blessing that I decided to pull the front to do this job - turned out the upper bumper bracket on the driver side wasnt even attached to the bumper. seems the bolt had come loose and fallen out and was trapped between the wing and the skin. when I had it off I pulled the skin and re attached the bracket the way it was supposed to be

anyway thats it - Ed's Sway Bar Sunday Morning
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