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First, thanks for all the photos and updates over the last couple of days. I am very excited, and plan to get my hands on a SS as soon as they make their way into northern CA.

Quick questions for everyone:

How do you think the SS will handle for longer trips? I would love to take the wife touring up and down the coast but I am concerned about:
1: How will it handle on less than perfect roads?
2. What kind of MPG do we expect while cruising at freeway speeds?
3. Lastly, no rear-view mirror? Thoughts on a work around for this "car-like" cockpit?

I am planning a road trip from Tulsa Ok to Key West in 2020. Have no doubt it will be an awesome trip. Also planning a Tulsa to Glacier Park Montana as well.
I have my second new SLR, 2019 Pearl Red, with Slingshade. With no more thought than one would have with a tour bike (done that too) the Slingshot is a wonderful touring platform. The Ecotech 4 is perfectly suited and in my experience bullet proof with simple care. Plan on stopping when you get weary, low fuel, thirsty, ect just like motorcycles.
Pack light, use laundromats and cafe stops for a little reflective time and above all screw the destination, its the journey, just like life.
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