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test pipe/cat delete install....wth

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so I finally got a cat delete to go with my cai…..I was told and read best bang for the buck leaving stock exhaust on......well besides better suspension,which I have...so does this thing just come out or do I have to remove the side panel....hoping to just drop it without removing ...well you know...has anyone done this without removing side panel....any tricks that have been learned....any advise/wisdom....any thing would help.....looks a little tight...can I leave muffler in place...to me it looks like the springs could be a pita....help please....
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I had to pull the side panel, takes about 15 minutes
@Orangeman you are correct, you can drop it from below, but you have to get the SS pretty high up there, I couldn't do that at first safely with just my floor jack and stands. Plus removing the side gives you lots of room to work with and I've gotten pretty good at taking them off for various projects.
I've seen a video of how to pull it off, couldn't find all of the bolts so went looking. Slingmods always has excellent videos, so started there, and they show pulling the muffler out, but they don't pull the whole side panel off, just loosen the front to make room :

This may or may not work for you.

Oh, I remember now, wasn't a video, was the Welter exhaust install that had good pics of it : 2.5″ WP Dual Boosted | Welter Performance

Hope that helps
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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