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Started the install of my DDM Works

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I am a self installer and love to work on the SS so the DDM Works Supercharger is perfect for a weekend project. My wife helped me remove the hood and from there I have done it by myself. I removed the front end and my aftermarket fenders which made easy access.

Since I was also installing the center feed fuel rail and steam bypass line I incorporated that into work which takes a bit longer. The fitting on the new gas line was something I was not familiar with but Dave was on hand at the other end and explained how it works via texts with pictures.

I had to take the radiator out to make the pulley and Supercharger install easier and I recommend that be done right off the bat, as this makes the front of the motor work much easier. This was a wrong part shipped with the kit but Dave helped me find a ribbed pulley locally instead of the wrong smooth one I was shipped.

The intercooler is heavy and really needs a hand to install or you will be frustrated. Bottom bracket is not bolted on but holds by friction. Even with the motorcycle jack I used the part kept falling off until my wife came home and helped me hold it long enough to start the bolt.

After installing the actual supercharger I was ground to a halt due to some missing banjo bolt parts for the oil cooler but Dave is going to ship them out on Monday and meanwhile I can go ahead and install the steam line and start tidying up various wiring now.

I have a 2016.5 so I had to remove the extra shroud and plan to leave it off as suggested. Without the shroud, the shoulder bolts that hold the fan on are a bit too long so I added 2 washers to each to makeup for the missing shroud.

I will continue updating as I go along, but wrap up likely will not be done until next weekend, besides I am still waiting for the ECU to come back from boobs, I shipped it out last Tuesday so it should be back very soon.


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I actually have the same question. I have been running without them(I.E. I did not reinstall) and not had any issues.

@[email protected] - are we good without reinstalling the plastic shrouds?
The plastic behind the radiator can be reinstalled if you like, however there is some trimming of it needed to clear the oil reservoir and the crank pulley overlay. Most of our customers just leave the plastic piece off behind the radiator.

Hope that helps,
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If your welter still uses the stock round crush gasket like stock u can run down to advance auto and buy one they have them in stock. I think I bought mine for a Chevy equinox they are the same ones, I have done this multiply times since I have changed exhausts so much.
Here is a picture of the gasket and part number from Advance Auto Parts -

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Are you possibly getting wheel hop in the back? Do you have the adjustable JRI's? What tire pressure do you have in the back tire?
I believe I run 30 in the rear, it is a high traction tire. I do have adjustable shocks and they are set at the height that was set at the factory in the back. It came on while already well up in the RPM band in second gear after a Camaro took off in front of me and I had to show him I could compete. I stayed up with him but the jerking caused me too loose a lot time, lol.

I have had this issue since I bought the SS new but with the extra power it seems to be worse now.

Do you think I am running too rich now? The back firing in the exhaust is pretty bad some times a huge POP and other times a series of smaller pop pop pop when I take my foot off the gas. The gauge shows rich a well most of the time.
Did you have the problem with the hopping with the stock suspension and tires?

With the forced induction tune on there it is pretty common to get a pop when you let off the gas, typically if it is really popping, that indicates an exhaust leak. The exhaust leak allows air to enter the exhaust with the unburnt fuel and ignite, which creates a pop. You also might need to drive the Slingshot around for a little bit for the fuel trims to re-learn a little bit. With the exhaust restriction you had, the ECM would have been injecting extra fuel that wasn't needed. Now that the restriction has been removed, the ECM will need to adapt some back to the correct values.
We have tested some of the Spintech mufflers back in the day, they did a pretty good job of the quieting things up and had a unique tone to them on the Solstice/Sky setups we tested. Looking forward to hearing how it works out for you, I know you will keep us posted!
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