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Started the install of my DDM Works

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I am a self installer and love to work on the SS so the DDM Works Supercharger is perfect for a weekend project. My wife helped me remove the hood and from there I have done it by myself. I removed the front end and my aftermarket fenders which made easy access.

Since I was also installing the center feed fuel rail and steam bypass line I incorporated that into work which takes a bit longer. The fitting on the new gas line was something I was not familiar with but Dave was on hand at the other end and explained how it works via texts with pictures.

I had to take the radiator out to make the pulley and Supercharger install easier and I recommend that be done right off the bat, as this makes the front of the motor work much easier. This was a wrong part shipped with the kit but Dave helped me find a ribbed pulley locally instead of the wrong smooth one I was shipped.

The intercooler is heavy and really needs a hand to install or you will be frustrated. Bottom bracket is not bolted on but holds by friction. Even with the motorcycle jack I used the part kept falling off until my wife came home and helped me hold it long enough to start the bolt.

After installing the actual supercharger I was ground to a halt due to some missing banjo bolt parts for the oil cooler but Dave is going to ship them out on Monday and meanwhile I can go ahead and install the steam line and start tidying up various wiring now.

I have a 2016.5 so I had to remove the extra shroud and plan to leave it off as suggested. Without the shroud, the shoulder bolts that hold the fan on are a bit too long so I added 2 washers to each to makeup for the missing shroud.

I will continue updating as I go along, but wrap up likely will not be done until next weekend, besides I am still waiting for the ECU to come back from boobs, I shipped it out last Tuesday so it should be back very soon.


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@MRD Awesome build. You da man! I definitely want to come check this beast out soon!
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Well, had a bad day yesterday. The SS has not run right since I installed the DDM Supercharger, it would run rough at idle and seemed to be missing as I drove. Yesterday I took a friend for a drive be it started running so rough I had to turn around and go home again. I have been problem shooting on the phone with Jeff but I am down for now. In a few weeks we have the Oyster Run so I really need to get it back on the road by then.

Pulled the plugs, they look good, checked the map sensor and all the connections but everything looks good on the outside. It sounds like I will be sending parts back to them for testing.
Dang! Sorry to hear that MRD. You've had a tough road with this one.
Parts arrived and are installed on our shop sling for testing.
Looking forward to hearing the results. I dig this kind of troubleshooting process. I know it's early. Dumb questions: @MRD What parts were sent back? Just the SC kit or some of your SS parts as well? @[email protected] Are you just trying to rule out the possibility of a manufacturing defect in the SC or is there something else that can be discovered? Seems like trying it on another machine limits the diagnostic abilities.
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You may dig it but you sure aren't enjoying your slingshot while it's in the shop
Very true. Fortunately it's not mine. But if you do have issues, it's great to have the kind of aftermarket support that we do here. Way better than the dealer.
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The only vacuum plugs/lines that I am aware of is the one coming from below the throttle body which feeds the BOV and the one that goes up to the unit right behind the engine near the firewall. The second one has a black cap that is in place and secure.
I have inspected every inch of the one that goes to the BOV and all is good. The other one as well, it is made of a different plastic type material and I can find no leaks. If things don't get better after the new parts go on I will try to dig deeper.
Hopefully all is well after the new parts and reassembly. Either that or buy Jeff a plane ticket. ;)
I ordered an OBD 2 with the adapter, made for the Polaris Slingshot, it cost around $370 bucks but it may help if the new parts don't fix the problem.
Wha? o_O I thought this wasn't possible. Is this new? What information does it give?
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OBD Diagnostics

Go to this site, they sell one specifically for the Slingshot
I don't believe I have heard about this in any other thread. Everyone says Digital Wrench is the only way in.....or maybe I need to lay off the rum this early on a Friday? Either way. News to me. :)
It has done this since new, no one else has this problem?
You do know there is a 3rd pedal called the clutch right? :facepalm: Just kidding. I couldn't resist.
I disconnected all of my electrical accessories and took a 40 mile run. The miss is still there so that rules that out. I am starting to connect the dots and I am pretty sure the problem I am having with the bucking I get at some brisk take offs is a bad miss so I suspect the two are one in the same. The bucking has started to come on anytime I throttle hard in the lower gears.

I am lost as what to do from this point other than to take the shot gun approach and start replacing every sensor that has not already been replaced.The voltage drop that is seen in my data from the scan tool still happens when the fan comes on even without any accessories but I am not sure what to think of that, I believe it would be normal for a high draw motor like the fan.

The only remaining components will be the cam sensor, the cam actuators and the throttle position sensor, If these are not the problem then it has to be the computer. This problem has been there since I bought the bike new on 2016.5 but it never affected the idle until I installed the Supercharger and had the tuning changed.
Crap. That's not good at all. Hopefully Skagit Valley Polaris will work with you after all the mods.
So far so good, it seems like got rid of the gremlins. I still get a very loud back fire now and then but I have checked for leaks all the way to the first muffler. I have a new setup coming so I will be very careful to ensure no leaks when it comes.
Did the bucking stop?
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