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An obese biker lady was walking down Bourbon Street and saw a sign in the window that read “If you are not satisfied with your tattoo.... it's free”.
She went in and told the skin artist she wanted a tattoo of a base SS on the inside of one thigh and a SL on the inside of the other.
He placed her on her back with her legs separated and up in stirrups and got to work between her legs.
After he finished he handed her a hand mirror stepped back and asked her what she thought. She put it between her legs and took several long looks and abruptly declared she was totally unsatisfied and that the tattoos did not look anything like a gray SS nor a red SL and she was not going to pay! The tattoo artist was really steamed as he had spent a lot of time between this pig’s smelly thighs and he wanted to be paid. He thought about it for a few minutes and then had a brainstorm. Why not ask a passerby to come in have a look and render an instant judgment. If the passerby agreed with the lady... the tattoos would be free.
He went out on the street and a homeless wino was weaving by barely able to stand on his feet. He grabbed him by the arm pulled him into the shop and sat him down on the stool between her big thighs. He told him "look at these tattoos and tell us what you see”. The wino was barely able to sit on the stool without falling off but did as instructed. He looked to the left and scratched his chin. Then he swayed to the right and pondered that thigh tattoo. He scratched his head and did it all over again. Even in his drunken stupor he was giving it an honest effort. The tattooer was losing patience and finally yelled out “well dammit what do you see!”
The drunk took one last look and slurred “well I don’t know what those are on the sides are but I am damn sure that is Willie Nelson in the middle”.
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