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Put an end to the squealing noise in the rear ends of the Polaris Slingshot by going to BBB or FTC?

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I have a 2016 Sling.
I have this real bad squealing whining noise in the rear end and I've read other post about it all over the internet.
It happens at about 20 to 25mph.
I went to Montgomery Powersports the only dealer on Ohau and they told me they had to adjust the belt.
They charged me 0ver $200 even though I have the extended warrantee because they said they had to take my Corbin side bag off to adjust the belt.
It quieted it for a little bit than back louder than ever.
At first when I came back they said it was my ad on roof and spoiler rattling than I showed them the noise again then they said it was a design flaw and nothing could be done about.
I contacted Polaris and they said I would have to get the dealer to report it because they said they never heard of a problem with the noise in the rear.
So I went back to dealer and they said they would send a report.
Called Polaris again they said the dealer said the noise was from my mods, roof, spoiler and stainless header and muffler.
The Polaris rep got very rude and said maybe go to Better Business Bureau and Federal trade Commission.
What really gets me is Polaris continues to lie that there is no problem.
Would all the people with this same problem like to get together and maybe finally get Polaris to do something about it?
Maybe also make a Facebook page, spread it all over social media, make a web site about it and go to BBB and FTC!
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