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Speedometer calibration

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We have a base model 2018 that came with 18” wheels all around. We upgraded to factory 18/20” wheels from an SLR. Our speedometer is off by about 5 mph at 75mph. The local dealer says they can’t “reflash” the ECU to let the vehicle know the wheel size changed. Has anyone had their dealership do the reflash? If so, can you provide me your dealers’ contact information? I want to get this done, as it is annoying to have inaccurate speedo readings since we do Turo rentals. *

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When traveling I use a GPS for 'live location' (don't want some 'gal' telling me where to go) The GPS will give you your speed. The 'odometer' will still be off a little "Who Cares">>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ride and enjoy.
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