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Should Heather sell her Slingshot

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SOLD: 2015 "Fast Orange" Slingshot SL LE | 7,300 Miles | $22,900 | Northern Virginia

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***Ninja Edit: www.BuyMySling.com | www.BuyMySlingshot.com has the complete listing***

Hey chiefs, I think it's time for me to set my orange unicorn free (this summer, I'm going to get my sky diving license so I'll still have the wind in my hair - just travelling in a different trajectory :hilarious:) so here's the listing....

The Deets:
  • Price: $22,900 Firm
  • Location: Northern Virginia (Woodbridge)
  • Mileage: 7,300
  • VIN: 57XAAPFA5F5105226
Reason For Selling: (I know this is everyone's favorite question, amiright?!) I freaking LOVE this contraption. Man - I spend more time talking about it to curious people than I did driving it! :hilarious: People have asked me if it was the new Lamborghini (to which I replied - of course it is), people have asked me if it's from a movie (to which I replied - of course it is), people have asked me if I'm the batman (to which I replied - of course I am). I have totally been that person who parked it outside and ate next to it just to hear people's reactions which are endlessly entertaining. So - then why sell it, f*cker?! Shallow Reason - the helmet hair isn't working for me. :bag: Ha! Less Shallow Reason - I think I'm going to go in on a Viper Gen 4 Coupe with Rob which would still be exotic - but exotic with air conditioning. :hilarious:

Description: I purchased this 2015 SL LE back in May of 2015 from Extreme Honda in Brilliant, Ohio and drove it back to Northern Virginia where it received its first service / inspection at 500 miles from Coleman's Powersport in Falls Church. All warranty work has been performed by Coleman's Powersport Woodbridge - which to date has been nothing, just checkups. All follow-up oil changes have been performed by Doug (he's on here - just keeps changing his username damn him) in Manassas (9201 Industry dr. suite I, Manassas Park Va 20111 - highly recommended for Slingshot mods and maintenance). All paperwork has been retained.

The vehicle has been garage kept since day 1 and I keep it under a car cover. I get it hand washed (except for that time at the gas station :p) at the Tysons Corner hand wash (bottom of the parking garage by Coastal Flats - highly recommended if you're too cold to wash it yourself).

Performance Issues: I've had no performance problems other than the potential for the wheel bearing issue, but an extensive check from the Polaris mechanic says it was just rocks in the belt. The rear axle has never been an issue for me, but I did buy a cool orange axle lock from Cycle Springs that looks all fancy shmancy. Coleman's also confirmed the the axle nut has never budged (thank god).

Cosmetic Issues: There's a small paint chip in between the driver's seat and passenger's seat where a rogue rock decided to leave it's lasting impression. There's minor wear in the storage compartments where the helmets knocked up against the plastic.

Mods: None - well, the axle lock (I know - I go all out, right?) and I got this neato-burrito butt warmer recommended by @EjFord that's worth its weight in gold - warmed buns included with sale. :hilarious: I also have an extra headlight bulb and I've already replaced the hood pads per Slingshot ownership initiation protocol.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the SL LE package, this is what is also included (from the manufacturer):
  • Media Console: 4.3” LCD Screen
  • Backup Camera
  • 6 Speaker Audio System, Bluetooth® Integration
  • Interior LED Lighting Kit
  • Epic Orange Color
  • Double Bubble Wind Screen
Now for Pictures:

Am I in a rush to sell? Nah - but I'd like to see it head off to a forum member or a friend-of-a-forum member before I post it to car sale sites. Ya'll know what the vehicle is about. I know it's going to be the biggest pain to sell this without suffering "joy rider" test drives on those other sites, so to prevent that, I'd ask that anyone who test drives has the check in hand and brings their own helmet - those are the only two ways I can figure out to make sure the buyers are serious (willing to take suggestions) as I am not looking to open up a Slingshot fueled amusement park :hilarious:

If any of you would like more detailed descriptions / photos / videos - just let me know and I'll add it to the bottom of this post.

If you're not in the market, but know some neighbors / friends that are jealous of you and your insane ride, if you could share this with them - I'd be forever grateful.

Thank you very much for reading and have an absolutely wonderful day.

Edit - "Chick with Slingshot will sell faster" Photo per @Funinthesun and @Jay2thaC ... topless photo of @Bill Martin coming soon :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:
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Maybe one of these would solve the hair issue and you could stay with us!
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