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A follow-up to the Slingshot - Speedster comparison:

First impressions
How does the Polaris Slingshot compare with the Porsche Speedster ?

Both exhibit slight oversteer in tight corners. The Speedster worked best with light sawing on the wheel, an action called "wischen", gently adjusting countersteer while avoiding spinout. The same action felt right in the slingshot, but instead of hanging on the edge of spinout, it was hanging on the edge of the Slingshot's ESP kicking in (I was pleased to notice the prompt ESP recovery from ice patch traction loss).

Although about the same weight, the Slingshot has much better traction. The Speedster's 5.00x16 tires are no match for modern ten-inch-broad treads. On dry road the Slingshot corners as if on rails. Exhilarating.

Then there's the power. The Speedster could spin wheels if engine wound and clutch dumped. The Slingshot requires gentle clutchwork and smooth throttle coordination to avoid slipping the drive-wheel while starting off (and embarassing fishtailing if turning).

And how fast? Top speed I don't know, but on the return run from Kingston, I let it out on the two-mile straight that ends at a sharp, posted 40, curve that I knew the MR2 took safely at 55. Had plenty of fourth gear left when I saw reading of 110. [The curve at the end slid by, comfortably, at 65.] While the MR2 could get close on that stretch, the Speedster would be hopelessly outclassed.

[added in edit Dec19]I noticed another effect of a half century of automotive development:
With key inserted and ignition on, pushing a centrally-located button starts the engine on either Speedster or Slingshot. The Speedster button controls the starter motor directly, and must be held till engine catches (goosing accelerator helps). The Slingshot button wants but a brief tap to initiate automatic start-up.
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