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I like them @King Gadget , the one with the torn jeans and the one with the BIG snowflakes( my wife said that's what it looks like:)) Your wheels look better than the other big ones posted as well.

I do see why Polaris went bigger in the rear. When the wheels are all the same, the back looks smaller. Optical illusion. Could a 26 fit back there King? Or are you at the limit?

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This is the first slingshot with 24's if you don't like it then don't do yours its a personal preference
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Without further ado about handing and all that stuff, I will say that those wheels do fill in the wheel well real nice.

Wait! I was commenting on the first photo at the top, of the RF wheel turned to the left slightly. It looked real nice there.. Then, after I had clicked post, I scrolled down and saw more photos of another slingshot with bigger wheels. Not quite as nice looking, but I would not look down my nose at either owner. Like someone else said, these Slings are for the owner's fun.

Still, I am wondering why you guys are making changes so soon after the release of the Slingshot?

For now, just having had my SL for one month and still enjoying everyone gathering around everywhere I go, I will leave the appearance stock. Once the public gets used to seeing these, then it is time to make changes.

Now that engine. Turbo? Hmmmm. And I saw one body kit from Canada that goes from the front wheels to the back wheel that looks very nice.

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Guess it's OK if you are T.I.
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