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When your ready for a new windshield or a shield that will give you more wind protection consider the F4 Customs windshield.
This shield is made from High Optics Polycarbonate with a baked in proprietary coating that makes it really stand out from the others.
Here are the things about our shield you will like.
Highly Scratch Resistant: The surface of the F4 Customs Windscreen is extremely hard and so this shield can be rubbed with steel wool and won't scratch so regular cleaning is made easy
Sheds Rain: For those that like to look through a shield this rain shedding is very important for the days you get caught in the inclement weather. You can also use Rain X with no problem if you like
Optically perfect: We use the highest grade of polycarbonate available and then bake in our coatings which enhances the optics so there is no distortion.
Cleaning: Just pull into the gas station spray on any glass cleaner and wipe off with the gas station paper towels. Yes the surface is hard so no worries.
4 year warranty against any crazing, delamination or cracking. This is polycarbonate and not acrylic so you don't have to worry about it breaking or cracking.
Offered in Clear or Light Tint and in various heights.
Give us a call if we can help at 330-968-4644 or visit us on the web at f4customs.com
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