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Here's a great take on the car vs motorcycle discussion:

So, we can agree that legally.. technically... its a Bike. Ok... now we're getting somewhere. No Airbags. No Roof. No doors. Low to the Ground . Fast . Built for Fun. See why they went the 'bike' route? Think "street legal go-cart' and we're getting close. Except that we're talking FAST. STABLE. ROCKET.... or , something like that.

So, the 'haters' are losing their minds because it's "NOT A BIKE!". Ok... it's sorta', not, really .

But, the point is this. Its designed for one purpose . Going Fast , Having fun, and enjoying your environment . Sounds similar to those of us that ride a bike. For those that have never ridden a bike, you don't know what you're missing. And if you'll never ride a 2 wheeler, now you can experience a little of what we do , every time we saddle up and head out!

Is this thing Ugly? Hmmmm.. I thought so when I first saw it. It's grown on me. My guess is it'll grow on many, and then it'll sell like Hot Cakes.

Read more: http://rickkkcir.blogspot.com/2014/07/why-slingshot.html
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