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Welcome to our 3-Part Interview with the Lead Engineer of the all-new Polaris Slingshot!

We have been granted special access and some of the most valuable time with James, the lead engineer on the Slingshot project. As you can imagine, his time is very limited as well as invaluable during the launch of the Slingshot, so we are eternally lucky and grateful to both James and Polaris Industries for taking time to anser some of our questions!

Be sure to keep a lookout for the other two parts of the series where we ask the burning questions like, "What is the life Expectancy of the drive belt?," as well as the questions concerning performance like, "How much additional horsepower will the stock belt be able to handle?." To get things started, we asked some of the technical questions that have been asked by our members here on Slingshotforums.com.

SlingshotForums.com What is the turning radius of the Slingshot?
James 35 foot, 1 inch to the outside of the tire.

SlingshotForums.com What is the wheel bore diameter?
James 70mm, front and rear

SlingshotForums.com What is the offset of front and rear wheels?
  • Front: 42mm
  • Rear: 45mm
SlingshotForums.com What is the bolt pattern of the wheels, both front and rear?
James 5x114.3mm (4.5”)

SlingshotForums.com Does the SL have different spring rates than the Base model because of the larger wheels?
James The spring rates are the same.

SlingshotForums.com Do the stock shocks have any adjustments?
James No, the shocks are not adjustable.

SlingshotForums.com Can you tell us what the weights of each wheel that Polaris is offering on the SS?
James We are not releasing this information at present. The forged wheels used on the SL do not differ significantly from the cast wheels used on the Slingshot.

Not many publications or news sites are granted this kind of access, to make sure to check back for the remainder of the Q&A sessions with Lead Engineer, James, of the Polaris Slingshot.

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will the accessories be avail. when then slingshots hit the ground? Like the speaker molds with/or with out the speakers?.
By the speakers molds with or without the speakers, you mean this?Because on a pictures(or video) i see for the base model you have nothing there...only the frame was visible without speaker panel...but that not mean it not comes with,these SS are firsts as we see are all pre-sale.
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