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I want to sell my 2016 SL, moving and I don't get to use it enough, only has a little over 2000 miles on it and is garage kept.

Any advice?

Cold air intake – Alpha
Alpha Electronically Controlled Variable Exhaust
TricLED Slingwingz
Bilstein One-Way Adjustable Shocks
Alpha Adjustable Master Cylinder Brace
SSV Works Side Speaker Pods
Assault Steering Wheel & Hub Adapter
Assault Industries Rear Lower Shock Mount
Madstad Single Adjustable Windshield
Aluminum Adjustable Mirror Riser Kit
DDMWorks Short Shifter
Fab Factory Emergency Brake Caliper Cover
Accessory Fuse Block and Wiring Harness Kit
Curb-Alert System
Alpha Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield
DDM HID Conversion Kit
DEI Complete Heat Control Kit
Alpha Transmission Dust Cover
PRP Marine Vinyl Shift Boot
Rally Armor Swingarm Mud / Rock Guard
Electrical Connection Front Turn Signal Conversion Kit
Mo-Door In-Dash Garage Door Opener
PRP Seat Belt Pads for the Polaris Slingshot
Electrical Connection Brake Light Modulator / Flasher
Garmin Zumo

PRP Suspension Seats
- PRP Logo Color: Red
- PRP Seat Arms / Hips Color: Black Ostrich (233)
- PRP Seat Backing Color: Carbon Fiber Black (..
- PRP Seat Center Color: Black Ostrich (233)
- PRP Seat Stitch Color: Red
- PRP Seat Options: Heated Seat

Assault Media Console Sun Visor
Ram Mount 180 Degree Parabolic Rear View Mirror
Large Battery Box Conversion Kit
Optima 750 battery
Assault Fitted Foot Pedal Covers
Twist Dynamics Shift Knob

SSV Front and side speaker pods
-Rockford Fosgates marine speakers
-Rockford Fosgate 300W Marine Amp

Cockpit red & black capet

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Well at 2,000 miles it is very new, but perhaps almost 2 years old? How much warranty is left. Any extended or maint. plan? I ask for those two because generally folks care about those on a used ride then all the mods...at least that is my opinion. If looking for price...let see a new one goes for 26,000 I believe. Add 1500 in dealer fees and new one is at 27500. Folks say you lose about 30-40 percent of new after two years so....about 16,000 private sales add 1,000 for the mods so 18,000 selling price.

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Two year old 2015 SLs were being priced in the mid-teens, that is where the 2016s currently are. Unfortunately you are probably going to find that all those mods that you put on will not add much, if any, value to your SlingShot when selling. You may want to think about removing some of those to sell separately to help recoup some of your costs?


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Well back to selling mode. I agree it is only worth what someone will pay. I will include any OEM parts wanted, but feel most of the removed parts are trash (no Slingshot junkyards around here). Maybe the blade windshield is worth something. I have it listed on local Craig's list, but will expand listings soon.
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