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My biggest disappointment with the so-called Polaris Service manual for the Slingshot is the lack of either a comprehensive list of tools needed when working on the Slingshot or a job-specific list of tools required for a specific job.
After having removed and reinstalled my painted body panels, I thought I would start a tools list which will hopefully grow into a comprehensive list of tools needed when working on the Slingshot. Feel free to add any tools or uses you can think of to grow the list. If you add a tool that is needed for a specific aftermarket product, please identify the product to make it easier for folks to determine if they need it in their toolkit.
It shouldn't take too long to grow this into a comprehensive list.
Here goes:

Tool Uses
Torx Bits -
T40 - Most body panel screws
T30 - ?Can't remember at the moment?
T25 - Smaller body pieces, underhood Hi-Low screws for inserts
T20 - Polaris speaker modules
Hex Bits -
4mm - Outer Headlights

Sockets -
10mm - Lower wing bolts
13mm - Side mirror adjustment
16mm - Roll Hoop bolts
1-5/8" or
41mm - Original Rear Axle Nut
1-3/4" - New Double Axle Nuts

Body Panel Pliers - Plastic rivets
Extra plastic rivets and metal fasteners. (Remember to always start fasteners by hand as they break easily if cross-threaded.)

I'll try to update any posts to make a consolidated list.
Tried several times to maintain spacing/columns w/o success.

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Extra body panel push pins.
Lots of zip ties and worm clamps.

Ha. :mad:;)
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