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Anybody else thinking about a new color???? by mid spring there will be several red ones in town so mine is about to be stripped and painted pearl white and since its so cold out next week might be a good time to start this process
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I've been dreaming about possibly dipping mine (If Texas ever starts allowing sales in addition to allowing them to just sit on the dealer's floor :banghead:). Basic package to purchase enough material to dip a vehicle appears to run around $400 or so and dip is supposed to be easy to remove if you don't like it.
One of the forum members posted in another thread showing how the base model Slingshot looked in Titanium with red on the lower front wing and red along the top edges of the Slingshot's front end. He used red electrical tape to mock up the top edges, but used dip on the lower wing. Looked pretty good. One of the reasons I went with the base model was the darker color seemed to lend itself to easier painting, plus I couldn't see the cost of the radio system.
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