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After toying with the idea for a while and to make the wife feel safer riding the SS, I installed a read facing camera today.

I opted for a wireless setup to avoid having to run video cables the length of the SS. I just came back from a road test and where there were no street lights and very dark, the picture was grainy. However, when the streets were lite, it worked well.

I spent hours coming up with a mount that passed my insane personal standards. The biggest challenge was drilling and mounting it so that it integrated with my Paramount Stealth 2.0 fender.

I powered the rear camera by tapping into the license plate light. For the monitor, I removed the windshield as well as the plastic piece on top of the dash. While those pieces were off, I buffed everything with Trinova UV protector.

Before anyone makes the obvious comment about waterproofing, I never ride in the rain. That said, living in S. FL., it can suddenly shower with no advance warning. If that were to happen, as you can see by the pictures below, I can remove the monitor in less than 30 seconds and store it in the glove box.

If anyone has any questions, feel free.

Rear View Cam 011619.jpeg


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