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Ok, still something wrong limiting the power... We originally started with 4 lights on.. ABS, Tracion Control, Brake Failure and steering wheel.
That being said we couldn't get over 150ish hp last time on the dyno.. No matter the mods..

So talked and asked everyone that would listen and found out the steering wheel has to basically be perfectly straight.. Sensor in the steering has to be within 3-5 degrees. We used a local Dyno Jet at a car shop and the strap locations provided, never hearing of this issue.. So 4 new straps and mounting locations here we are today...

The SS now is basically limiting us to 170ish horsepower now..

Here is our baseline dyno for today.
Modification list - 1320 header, catless test pipe, colder spark plugs and 93 octane pump gas
155.97 hp 144.14 tq

Adding Rist Rocket Racing Cold Air Intake - 166.31 hp 158.78 tq gaining 10.34 hp 14.64 tq

So adding RRR P&P added some, and thought well maybe its flowing so much the exhaust is a huge issue.. So added a very well known exhaust system sold on the forums, which should add easy 8-12 hp (I agree with as well) on a stock car didn't on ours.... Just the other day we saw a dyno chart with a 18 hp gain from just exhaust.
We ended up like it did the first two times we dynoed.. up and down dyno numbers.

Adding P&P & Exhaust system first pull 173.53 hp 166.34 tq
Thought maybe the computer is relearning all the new found air... next pull 168 hp 162 tq. Next pull 166 hp 159 tq..

So we are way better than we were on knowledge and power now, but still not the numbers we know our SS makes. We believe the horsepower is still limited from the computer pulling timing or ??? from the brake failure light being on. We haven't figured it out yet.

We have sold many of the P&P kits and every single person tells us how much faster it is and loves it. Including us. If the CAI makes 10 whp, I know our P&P makes way more than 10whp but that is on the butt dyno. Our flow numbers prove that as well. Our CAI still could be limited on the power as well, maybe even more than 10 hp.

As fast as our SS is with these mods we know its making in the mid 180 hp range, just working on proving it. One of the dyno pulls made 178 tq btw, just didn't get more number like it, so don't want to go off of that. I think the ratio is there as well, if it made 185 hp 178 tq would be on the same ratio.. ;)

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas. @[email protected] will be trying to upload a video tonight.
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