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Quick Jack - anyone used this?

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Looks like it would take care of the tippy/unbalanced issues when lifting a Slingshot. Here's the link: Portable Vehicle Jack System for Garage - QuickJack USA
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Ok, I had done a search and hadn't come up with any results so maybe it went nowhere.
Thanks @John Simon. I showed my wife your thread and it sounds like we might get one come bonus time. Also discovered why search didn't find Quick Jack - two different spellings.
@BKL, no worries. I knew you weren't poking at me, I just couldn't figure out why it didn't come up when I searched. When I saw the difference in spelling I knew why - he used Quik and I used Quick. As you noted, a good search engine would have found both.

@WingShot, we will probably go with just the 3500# unit. The 5000# is $800 more and with the size of our truck, I doubt I would have room to use it in the shop.
I don't know unless it's the voltage. They have one unit that is 12 volt and uses your battery for juice, all the others are 110. Maybe the cheapest one is 12 volt?
Also, Amazon.com has them for $999.97 with free shipping for the 110v 3500# model.
1 - 6 of 66 Posts
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