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1. Why is Polaris continuing to ship unsold vehicles to dealerships ahead of "pre-sold" orders? (Not including what the dealer has decided to keep as a demo model.)
Is Polaris aware that many customers have already given money to the dealers during this several month waiting period, only to be bumped out of line by people who have not been waiting? This is a problem

2. Of the deliveries made, Why did Polaris designate two red SL's as "Initial Stocking Inventory" then differentiate them from "pre-sold" orders? Was it the intent of Polaris to not allow dealers to pre-sell "Initial Stocking Inventory?" If so, why? If not, Why were base models not included with "Initial Stocking Inventory" to satisfy customer demand?
*If initial stocking inventory was pre-sold, wouldn't they be one in the same?*

Initially we were supposed to get 3 units for stocking inventory, 2 SL's and one standard. One of the SL's was to be designated a demo unit leaving the other 2 (one SL and one standard) to be sold as we please. I am pretty sure no one in Polaris had any idea that Slingshot would be so huge- we overwhelmed them with our excitement at the dealer show.

Here is where it gets tricky- only a select group of dealers got selected for Slingshot initially. I think (I don't know) that they had a set amount to cover the selected dealers- then the dealer show happened and every dealer not selected started hammering on their district rep to be designated as a dealer. More were added(I bet a lot more) and I think that really screwed up the initial orders because they only had so much to go around. I also think in most of their studys or polling most of the demand is for the SL.

Now after all of that we were able to place orders for pre-sold units. This is in addition to our standard inventory- you could order 100 extra units if you wanted to- but here is the catch- they are only going to send us 2 at a time, and we have to retail those 2 to get 2 more. No dealer right now knows for sure when we are getting inventory- we have no dates and yes they just magically appear as they want no rhyme or reason. Does it suck? Absolutely. But trust me everyone at Polaris is working quadruple overtime to get us our Slingshots- they are enthusiasts just like us. I actually thought we would get the standards first because that is what we test drove back in Minneapolis.

I assure you everyone back at the factory is doing the best they can- we just have to cut them a little slack for a while. They will come through I promise. I just don't promise when:eek:

3. Why does Polaris withhold specification information regarding many of their new vehicles? For example, Polaris withheld fuel mileage and performance specifications of the Polaris Slingshot and Cubic Centimeters of the engine used in the Polaris ACE after it's launch. (Just to name a few omissions.)

I have no idea.

4. Why is Polaris not being communicative to customers regarding delivery dates and requests to communicate with managers and supervisors?

I firmly believe they are completely overwhelmed right now. New product, new staff, new everything. Its going to take a while to get it all straightened out.

5. Why does Polaris Customer Service continue to refer customers back to their respective dealer, knowing full well that the dealer has not received the information the customer is asking for? (AKA the classic run-around.)

Probably a little of the right hand does not necessarily know what the left is doing. And no one wants to disappoint anyone else.

6. When will Polaris allow professional testing of the Polaris Slingshot by well known professional reviewers like Cycle World, Motorcyclist, MotorTrend, Auto Guide, MCN, Jay Leno's Garage, Top Gear, Autobytel, Car and Driver, and the like?

I was wondering this one myself. If you think about it I am sure someone said lets get the dealers and customers taken care of first before the press.

Now remember- this is just my opinion- I do NOT speak for the factory. I am sure Kip will chime in as well-:)

Thank you for your time. I would appreciate any specific and transparent response.

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