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Question on boosting

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I know a little but I not a lot so my question is this.

With a SS and adding a supercharger, what other components would need needed other than intake and exhaust? Obviously quality fuel and tuning but what about the internals? When do you start needing forged rods/pistons and everything else?
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Reviving this old thread because it's right in line with questions I have in another thread. Dave says all stock exhaust nets 225hp. What would header and catless exhaust with 2" out the rear get. I know 2.5" is the ticket but already have the 2". Is 250ish in the ballpark? Trying to justify pulling the trigger on the system.
I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m running Dave’s kit with fully stock and catted exhaust (so hopefully 225HP +/-) and it’s a blast compared to stock... No comparison at all really. And no regrets! Yes, It’s a lot of money, but 225 vs 250HP probably shouldn’t be what justifies pulling the trigger.

Good luck with whatever decide!
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