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I can help you get photos from camera to a post in threads on this forum. See more below. This is a help post for members. Please forgive for posting here.

As you view the many photos posted, you may say, I sure would like to post a shot or two of my great looking Slingshot. What may be holding you back is lack of knowledge of just how to do it. I will take that part out of the equation by offering to help with getting that great shot off your Cell phone or Ipad device and though my software link below send the photo to me, I edit the photo to a jpg file and post for you, or send back to your email and you do the posting. I want all members to have their photos available on the forum if you want them. You can message me for more detail or if you send photos through the app, let me know what you want done.

Just click on the link, complete the name and email info. Take your device and take a photo by clicking on take photo on the app. You will see the photo and can retake until just the way you want it. Click on submit when you want to send the photo. Send more if needed for you posting.
I am here to help you run with the big dogs and you can be a big dog too. You can also use this to explain a problem, help another member in a post by showing what you can help with in a photo. Let's use photos to help understand and showoff our Slingshots.

Now click and get started, Just try it, if you don't hit submit, the photo does not go anywhere.

Help for Inserting a Photo into Thread Post
1321 - 1340 of 1368 Posts