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We've all be hanging on every word and patent photo that Polaris has leaked out over the past couple of years, but today a Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal is reporting that we are due to see this three-wheeled roadster in 2014!

"During an analyst and investor meeting, Polaris Chief Operating Officer Bennett Morgan compared the Slingshot to the Can-Am Spyder, a product that looks like a three-wheel motorcycle and is made by Valcourt, Québec-based BRP, which also makes Ski-Doo snomobiles and Sea-Doo personal watercraft.
"[The Slingshot] is a different spin and a different solution in what I would say has been a somewhat created category. So it's not all new. But we think we got a way better solution," Morgan said. "We've done a lot of homework on this. There is a space there and we think we've got a very innovative, superior solution, frankly, if we come to market."

And all of this is just music to our ears! This isn't just good news for the enthusiast that is looking to blend the excitement of a motorcycle and the safety of car, it would also bode well for Polaris' bottom line. Jimmy Baker, an analyst at B. Riley & Co., in Los Angeles, estimated Polaris could add $60 million in 2014 revenue from Slingshot, based on his rough estimate of 3,000 unit sales at a $20,000 each wholesale price.

Read more here: http://www.bizjournals.com/twinciti...slingshot-3-wheel-roadster-2014.html?page=all
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