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Hope these will help in getting the paint or clear topcoats you need. This is from their own parts listing from dealer.

Titanium Metallic P602

Aerosol Kit # 2859078-602KS contains 2859078-602S Titanium Metallic 2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-602KS contains 2859079-602 Titanium Metallic 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen 2859080-602KS contains 2859080-602S Titanium Metallic 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

White Lightning P599

Aerosol Kit # 2859078-599KS contains 2859078-599S White Lightning 2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-599KS contains 2859079-599 White Lightning 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen # 2859080-599KS contains 2859080-599S White Lightning 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Orange Madness P589

Aerosol Kit # 285907-589KS contains 2859078-CWUS Clean

White undercoat 2859078-516S Orange Crush 2859078-GPS Gold Pearl Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-59KS contains 2859079-CWU 2859079-516 Orange Crush 2859079-GP Gold Pearl Topcoat

Paint Pen # 2859080-589KS contains 2859080-CWUS Clear White Undercoat 2859080-516S Orange Crush 2859080-GPS Gold Pearl Topcoat

Nuclear Sunset Orange P493

Aerosol Kit 2859078-493KS contains 285907-493S Nuclear Sunset Orange 2859078-493S 285907-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-493KS Nuclear Sunset Orange contains 2859079-493 Nuclear Sunset Orange 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen # 2859080-493S Nuclear Sunset Orange 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Turbo Silver P402

Aerosol Kit # 2859078KS contains 2859078-402S Turbo Silver; 2859078-233S

Quart Kit # 2859079-402KS contains 2859079-402 Turbo Silver 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen # 285900-402KS contains 2859080-402S Turbo Silver 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Pearl White P352

Aerosol Kit # 2859078-352KS contains 289078-CWUS Clear White Undercoat; 2859078-566S Pearl White

Quart Kit # 2859079-352KS contains 259079-CWU Clear White Undercoat; 2859079-566 Pearl White

Paint Pen kit # 2859080-352KS contains 253080-CWUS Clear White Undercoat; 2859080-566S

Red Frame P293

Quart Kit # 2859079-293A;

Paint Pen #285900-293AS

Blue Fire Metallic P620

Aerosol Kit # 258599078-620KS contains

2859078-620S Blue Fire 2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-620KS contains

2859079-620 Blue Fire;

2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen kit# 2859080-620KS contains

2859080-620S Blue Fire; 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Sunset Red P520

Aerosol Kit # 28597078-520KS contains

2859078-520S Sunset Red;2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-520KS contains 2859079-520 Sunset Red; 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen kit # 2859080520KS contains

2859080-520S /sunset Red; 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Gloss Black P070

Aerosol Kit # 2859078-070KS contains

2859078-070S Gloss Black; 2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-070KS contains

2859079-070 Gloss Black; 2859079-233 Clear Topcoat

Paint Pen kit # 2859080-070KS contains

2859080-070S Gloss Black; 2859080-233S Clear Topcoat

Black Pearl P666

Aerosol Kit # 2859078-666KS contains

2859078-666S Black Pearl; 2859078-233S Clear Topcoat

Quart Kit # 2859079-666KS contains

2859079-266 Cruiser Black; 2859079-CP; Clear Pearl

Paint Pen # 2859080-666KS contains

2859080-666S Black Pearl; 2859080-CPS Clear Pearl

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Thanks, I have been looking for these for over a year now!
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