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The New Polaris Lineup rolled up in front of the headquarters of Business Insider. There were three motorcycles, and one of them looks nothing like a motorcycle.

Two of Polaris’ newest models were displayed in front of the office: the Indian Scout and the larger Roadmaster. Indian has been a Harley-Davidson competitor since the early 20th century, and the Polaris name is most associated with All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs).
Indian was recently bought by Polaris, which is now the latest attempt to revive the Indian brand.

To compliment (and also a bit distracting from) the Scout and Roadmaster, Polaris brought along the Slingshot. Responsible for the majority of foot- and car-traffic in front of BI headquarters, the three-wheeled Slingshot was steeling glances from everyone within eyesight. While still considered a motorcycle (riders are required to wear helmets, etc.), it has two passenger seats next to each other and, at the moment, only comes in hot red. It could be compared to the Campagna T-Rex and the Can-Am Spyder, in that it is a Powersports vehicle.

Polaris then let some of the members of Business Insider test drive the Slingshot, and all they could say was, "it can get up and go real, real fast."

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