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Petition the NHRA NOW!

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The NHRA has banned ALL slingshots from any NHRA sanction tracks. We talked to the heads of the NHRA a few months ago at Nationals and they told us NO because they felt it was too easy to make a slingshot go too fast and felt it was dangerous.

Are you F*&^G kidding me!!? They allow a liter bike that can runs 8's out of the box, snowmobiles with modded that easily run 11's, Can Am spyders!

Time to write to the NHRA and post up on there facebook page. A slingshot is NOT easy to make fast and is allot safer than a motorcycle down the drag slip! If they continue this ridiculous band I guess we will street race! They preach on how street racing is not safe and stupid yet they will not allow slings on the track! DUMB!
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You can lay the blame on the "Famous ***hole" of NHRA
Board of Director Member & Senior Vice President-Racing Operations Graham Light

Good Luck changing his mind.

He rules with an "Iron Fist" without the velvet glove!
That's the ***hole!
If you want to know how he rules ask Steve Johnson from the 2005 U.S Nationals Pro Motorcycle Finals!
After 2 or 3 weeks he was finally declared the "Official" winner!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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