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Panoramic Rear View Mirror

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I tried a standard rear view mirror mounted to the windshield center support -- but about all I could see was my passenger's face if I canted it to the right. I figured even if I could raise a standard mirror much higher (above the windshield) -- about all I might see is the rear fin. Between the fin and the roll hoops, it might be hard to piece together a mental picture of what's going on behind you as you're canting your head left & right viewing through these obstructions. So, I wanted a large panoramic mirror. Alas, nothing off-the-shelf seemed to fit the windshield center support.

I got the following mirror from Amazon:


Then I measured the Slingshot windshield center support and the mating surface of the mirror and milled an adapter.

The resulting adapter provided an exact fit. No play. Rock solid. Well, as solid as the plastic panel under the windshield center support. No vibrations at freeway speeds. I can now see over the Slingshot's rear deck and can easily sweep around and back the Slingshot into the garage. There's no getting around having that rear fin blocking part of the view -- but it's now possible to see what's behind me with a quick glance. The mirror also covers the rear quarters, which makes merging lanes much easier.

I figured that one of the creative Slingshot parts suppliers would eventually provide a panoramic mirror -- but twisting around and craning my neck while backing up the Slingshot was a real pain in the neck (literally). This mirror doesn't look too bad and will work for the time being.
Nice post thanks!
I don't back up, I just do 180 burn outs and leave!
Hey @gearhead if I were to buy one of these mirrors could you duplicate your adapter for me? No milling machine here and I could definitely use this. Great idea and great execution!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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