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Was poking around our auto parts store. Found myself looking at gas additives/octane boosters. Picked up a bottle of Turbo 108. It said it would boost my octane by 7 points. I must admit, I did not read it much closer.
It is supposed to treat 16 gals so I put in half a bottle and filled the SS with 91 non-Ethanol.

Pulled out of the gas station like I normally so and Wow!! I was braking traction in the first three gears and not trying. When I got home, I read the bottle closer and it says, "For Off-Road Applications Only".

It does warn that it will affect catalytic converters if repeated or heavy use. Since I am under warranty and still catted, I did not use anymore but wow!

For those that are de-catted and want a bump in performance, you might want to give it a try.
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