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This was posted on another forum..........Sorry, but your not going to be a motorcycle or a car, but you are making progress.

I just got back from the IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) motorcycle safety conference.

The subject of the Slingshot and similar vehicles was discussed in a presentation by Eric Harbauer who works for the Illinois Secretary of State.

In Illinois, a class D license is all that will be required to drive one of these vehicles. (The class D is a standard passenger car license here.)

Vehicles equipped with a steering wheel or tandem seating will be classified by Illinois as "Autocycles". While a class D license is required to operate one, license testing cannot be done using an Autocycle.

The Autocycles will have their own license plates, different from motorcycle and automobile plates.

There are a couple more types of licenses regarding three-wheeled vehicles in Illinois. If for example, someone tests using a three wheeler such as the Spyder or the Harley Tri Glide at the DMV, they will receive an M license with a restriction that they can only operate a 3-wheeler. If they test with a motorcycle and sidecar, they receive a M license with a restriction of sidecar only. Those holding an M license may ride any of the above without restriction.
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