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I would strongly advise against the NRG quick release.
I messaged Jason Chou here, and directly emailed NRG:

"I installed an NRG Quick Release Gen 2.9 Strike Out Edition on my 2019 Slingshot S in March of this year, and the safety button has been stuck down for some time now. I removed the button and noticed that the base flange (where the spring seats) is noticeably bent, and in that area it looks like there is a brass crack in the plating. Could I please request a replacement button?"

I have not received a response from Jason here, but 9 days later, I finally received a response from Edwin at NRG:
"We do not have any replacement buttons as the Quick Releases come assembled altogether.
NRG Innovations

This is a well-documented problem since 2006. Don't waste your time with this cheap, unsupported garbage.
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