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Now the Kids can ride Slingshot!

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This is perfect for kids aged 3-8, finally a toy that can match dad's slingshot in the garage. The mini slingshot ride will reach 5mph and extra batteries can be ordered.

"Pre-Order" yours now! Ball Equipment just became a dealer for this awesome toy!

12v Electric Kids Polaris Slingshot by Peg Perego
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and no rear end grind whine with the four wheel conversion! I like it!:p
If you read the reviews allot of kids are complaining about excessive cockpit heat, and some are complaining about drive angle noise. :cool:
and all this complaining is driving @wjfyfe crazy!:eek:
Just wait till he sees a kid riding without a helmet or sporting a toy six-shooter!:jawdrop:Heavens to Betsy!!!!
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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