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Nova Scotia Licensing

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I am moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia and need some help to figure out licensing, plates and insurance. As I understand, I must apply for a NS driver's license, currently hold a valid Ontario GM Class, not a problem.
Slingshots are still not sold by NS Polaris dealers, therefore not recognized and are not able to put a NS plate on them.
Heard stories of NB & PEI dealers selling to NS residents with NB & PEI plates but can't get information on how to insure them.
Does anyone have a similar situation or know how to get this done legally.
I did speak to the Cape Breton Regional Police and they indicated if it has an out-of-province plate and insurance that I would be legal driving in NS.
Help me - thanks!
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John / Joan;
I run a 2018 sling shot in ontario and must admit on my run to newfoundland last summer i saw a few slingshots running around NS ( but with CanAm looking groups ) the NS cops left them alone. So DRIVING a slingshot thru NS is NOT being enforced as illegal.
I have looked at the NS Motor Vehicle Act Chapter 293 of the statues.... 231 page pdf. but if you look at Section 2 (ac) on page 12 of the pdf the definition of MOTORCYCLE is given as...
2(ac) (i) - designed to drive on not more than 3 wheels in contact with the ground,
2(ac) (ii) - a seat height unladen greater than 700 mm above the level surface on which the bike stands (THIS is probably the problem as I think the seat height is less than this 700mm is 28 inches)
2(ac)(iii) - rim diameter greater than 250mm ( or 9inches no problem here as its car tires )
2(ac)(iv) - wheel base longer than 1m ( or 39 inches no problem here )
2(ac)(v) - can go 70kph loaded ( certainly no problem here )

I think the above (ii) was done to make sure no one makes a home made 3 wheel GO CART that skirts the loophole of the exemptions of what could be licenced as GO CARTs are specifically NOT allowed to be certified... but the law hasnt been updated to include autocycles.
Under section 2(r) on page 11 there is a LOOPHOLE clause you could use...
2(r) - foreign vehicle - a motor vehicle / trailer / semi-trailer which is brought into the province otherwise than in the ordinary course of buisness....
this implies if the slingshot is ok in OTHER provinces they will honor it in NS
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