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New Slingshot S seat storage locks

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As some of you are aware, the new Slingshot S without the tech package does not come with locks on the seat storage doors. I have read people pay anything from $170 to $240 to get locks. Well, I just added locks for $8 for both. When bought in groups the locks all use the same key. I bent the lock tongue a little because I didn't want to need to push the rubber grommets in every time I locked the doors.

Camper storage locks 4 for $11. Ok, I need a couple for my camper.
L bracket, 4 for $3.
2 washers. The outer ring on the locks I received did not match the description. So, I had to add 1 washer for each lock.
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Only a thief that is familiar with the SlingShot will even know about the storage spaces behind the seat, and then even when locked a hard tug and they open anyways. In seven years ours have never been locked, but we do install the cockpit cover if left unattended for any length of time and the SlingShot has yet to be molested.

Good project and solution-to each his own-Jim
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