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DDMWorks continues to offer the best brake upgrades for the Polaris Slingshot with our Wilwood front caliper brake upgrade kit.

$749, introductory sale $699

Wilwood Front Brake Upgrade for Polaris Slingshot -DDM-22-31

The stock brake system on the Slingshot is known as a weak point for performance and although just upgrading the brake pads makes a huge difference, this upgrade takes your brakes to another level. The kit uses a 4 piston caliper, mounting bracket and pads that offer a direct bolt on upgrade to the Slingshot with no drilling, cutting or modifications needed. The custom designed bracket even allows the caliper upgrade to install with any stock size rotor*. Fitment over the stock size brake rotor means the kit fits under any stock size wheel or larger we have tested. All together this kit offers you one of the best brake performance upgrades available for your Polaris Slingshot.

The kit uses Wilwood's proven DynaPro series four piston calipers with forged billet bodied DPHA calipers. These calipers provide higher-strength clamping force and positive stopping power compared to other lower quality calipers used in other kits. The Wilwood calipers in our kit also use stainless steel pistons to provide fully balanced pad loading, corrosion resistance and thermal retardant qualities, keeping your calipers cooler and running trouble free for more miles.

The combination of Wilwood caliper and unique DDMWorks bracket is the only kit that allows the use of any stock size rotors, unlike other kits that force you to swap rotors just to install upgraded calipers. This gives you the option to use our DDMWorks 2 piece lightweight rotors, the stock Polaris Slignshot 1 or 2 piece rotors or any other stock size which means more options to customize your ride.

The standard Wilwood pads that come with the kit offer great friction at the operating range and temperature that most customers will run their Slingshot. If you plan on doing track days or want higher performance, we also offer a Hawk pad upgrade as an option.

If you haven't upgraded your rear brake pads yet, we can even include a set of Hawk pads for the rear with the this kit to help keep the braking system more balanced. If you are looking at getting more from this kit, make sure you get a brake master cylinder brace to really firm up the brake pedal.

The standard colors for the calipers are Gloss Black or Gloss Red, but we also offer other powdercoat options in many powdercoat colors we produce on our other Polaris Slingshot parts for an additional charge.

The kit has been tested and shown to clear all the LED wheel rings we have tested here, including those from Zarate Steel Works.

* This brake kit will not fit on rotors that come on the 2022+ Slingshots with the Brembo brake kit, but will fit all other 2015+ Polaris Slingshots with stock size rotors. Stock size rotors are approx. 11.75" in diameter, if you are not sure if you have stock Polaris Slingshot size rotors, contact us, we are happy to help you determine what you have.

FITS: All Years Polaris Slingshot with stock 11.75" diameter rotors Includes 2 Wilwood brake calipers designed around Wilwood's proven DynaPro series four piston calipers with forged billet bodied DPHA calipers. Includes a set Wilwood brake pads for the front calipers with optional pads for the rear Includes Custom mounting bracket allowing simple installation to the Polaris Slingshot with no cutting, drilling or other modifications Includes hardware required for installation Custom Powder coat options available!

$749, introductory sale price of $699Wilwood Front Brake Upgrade for Polaris Slingshot -DDM-22-31

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