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Polaris Slingshot front Splitter V2 by DDMworks


The DDMWorks V2 front splitter is designed to help manage the airflow on the front of the Polaris Slingshot, increase front downforce, reduce lift and increase airflow through the radiator. The splitter is CNC cut from a single piece of thick 1/4" ABS and mounts securely to the front of the Polaris Slingshot using precision laser cut stainless steel brackets and all stainless steel hardware. The DDMWorks Polaris Slingshot splitter also comes with a stainless steel air diverter mounted in the center of the splitter that channels air directly into the radiator and intercooler (if installed) to help with cooling. This same air diverter also increases downforce on the front of the Slingshot more than just the splitter alone. Lastly, the tough ABS splitter helps protect the front of your Slingshot from being damaged from scraping on steep driveways.

The Splitter can be installed in just a couple hours on jack stands with regular hand tools.Development of this splitter included windtunnel testing at the A2 wind tunnel in North Carolina. We were excited to be the first aftermarket company to take a Polaris Slingshot to a windtunnel to do this kind of testing and development. The wind tunnel testing showed the splitter was very effective in reducing the lift normally with stock Polaris Slingshots. The simple addition of the DDMWorks front splitter in the wind tunnel testing showed we dramatically reduced front lift from a coefficient of .106 to .041, which is over 60% reduction. At 80mph that means reducing the lifting force on the front of the Slingshot from 45 pounds to only 17 pounds of lift. This splitter works so well, that we use it on our record setting 1 mile land speed Slingshot to keep us stable at 160mph.

The V2 front splitter also uses 3D printing technology for the center supports. With the use of this technology we were able to make a more aerodynamic shape, but keep the weight and price lower than if we would have made the piece from aluminum. The 3D printed parts are made from the same ABS material as the splitter itself and are light weight, but offer very strong support.
A great looking addition to the front of the Polaris Slingshot that offers increased stability at speed.


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