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We have been working on some new suspension and coilover options for the Slingshot, more information coming next week. The first new thing we will be releasing is a twin tube, triple adjustable (Compression, Rebound and ride height) coilover, similar to the QA1's but with these advantages over the QA1's -

- These coil over shock bodies have more threads on them for the coil over adjustments. These will have about 6" of threads on the shock bodies, vs. 3.5" found on the QA1's (front measurements). This offers a greater range of adjustment and ease of using different length springs.

- The QA1's shocks use a different valving system internally that decreases stroke length, thus giving these shocks a longer stroke and travel on a similar sized shock.

- QA1 does not offer any application specific valving for their triple adjustables. These are application specific valving for the Slingshot and these shocks can also easily be re-valved if changes are made to the Slingshot. Examples: increase or decrease horsepower. Go from a drag race setup to a road course setup. Drastically increase or decrease weight, etc.

- These shocks will offer a full 2 year warranty on parts, QA1 is 1 year.

- The shock body itself is assembled using left hand threads, insuring that you can't loosen the body/base/cap nuts when moving the spring adjustments

- Aesthetically, the whole shock and shock accessories are clear anodized aluminum finish, so when they get marked up from use, it doesn’t chip away like the black finish on the QA1's to reveal aluminum, thus looking pitted and rough. It’ll always look new.

The base price for these triple adjustables will be $895 with silver springs, other options and information will be released next week.

Let us know if there is anything else we can answer,

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